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Software Development Made Non-Technical

We offer peace of mind during the development process.

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the Mercury Platform

Get the clarity you need with Mercury
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You'll have complete oversight of all aspects of your project. Additionally, we can implement new features and changes quickly, taking advantage of the latest developments in technology as soon as they become available.

We're here to help

We will help you make your mobile app a reality. We serve as a common sense decision maker between the business side and the technical team building your app. Our proprietary platform is a central source of truth in your project's success and our team acts as a trusted 3rd party on your side if you run into trouble or need to find/change developers.

You get our services and access to the Mercury Platform FREE! 

Want more help?
For a flat rate fee, we are happy to jump on and be available to you and your team any day. We've been doing this for our members for nearly a decade and would love to work with you and your team!
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Unprecedented Control, Transparency & Advocacy for non-technical leaders outsourcing development

What We Do
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We act as MIssion Control for your journey of app & software development.

FREE Expert Help

 When developing your app, you need a project management solution that is more than just tools and features. The right partner will provide expertise and insight to help get your project off the ground and keep it running smoothly.

Software built for outsourcing

 Our Project Management as a Service is the industry's first Flat-rate, Immutable (can't be erased), and Centralized Project Management platform. The Mercury Platform allows for simple software development and rapid decision making regardelss of your technical ability or lack thereof.

Optional Full Leadership

If you'd like us to handle everything and join your team and lead the app's development, we can help and have been helping our members for nearly a decade.

We can help on nearly any budget and skill level.

Full Customer Experience Service

We pride ourselves on being your advocate and standing between you and the development firm so you can focus on your strenghts and leverage our experience as part of your team for any budget.

the Mecury Platform

Pricing for Any Budget

Become a Member of Blast Off Apps Today!

Passive Advocacy

Professionally written Quote

Matching with Vetted Technical Firm(s)

Access to the Mercury Platform

On-going dispute resolution advocacy

Access to Blast Off Apps through our Slack headquarters


Flat rate pricing. No surprises.

$35/dev. hour

Full Team Member

All the benefits of Passive Advocacy

Full technical leadership of your project

Priority access to Blast Off Apps through our Slack headquarters

Priority support during disputes with firms & other experts on our Mercury Platform

Expert project managment as a member of your team


Flat rate pricing. No surprises.

$60/dev. hour
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Are you ready to develop software like a professional with no experience needed?

Get in touch, we're happy to help.
Feel free to be vague about your idea, but any details will help us help you the quickest.

NOTE for Dev. Firms: Please contact devmatching@blastoffapps.com to discuss partnering with us

Talk to you soon!

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